Languages spoken

- German (mother tongue)
- Russian (fluent, second mother tongue)
- French (fluent)
- English


- Leipzig University, Faculty of Applied Linguistics and Translation (IALT), Germany (
- Mark Bloch University (, Institute of Oral and Written Translation and International Relations (ITI-RI), Strasbourg, France (
- Teaching German as a Foreign Language, Goethe Institute (

Work Experience

Maria is a teacher and translator with higher education in languages, which included the study of methods of mastering a foreign language in the shortest amount of time and for practical purposes, as well as studying universally recognized approaches to the teaching of the German language at Goethe Institute.

Maria has been teaching German to immigrants to Germany for more than ten years; she also teaches students and specialists from various fields (engineers, economists, doctors) and creates individual programmes for each of these groups.

Since mid-2012, Maria has been successfully teaching German by Skype to students living outside Germany.

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