Gift Certificates for Language Lessons

Now at Language Life you can purchase gift certificates for lessons in any foreign language taught by a native speaker or a Russian speaking instructor.

Give your friends and family a gift that is both useful and original!


A certificate makes a wonderful gift not only for beginning students, but also for those at the intermediate or advanced level.

All you have to do is choose the number of lessons for the gift certificate; the instructor and the student will agree on how and when the lessons will take place themselves. The instructor will also determine the student’s skill level and propose an appropriate course of study.

The gift certificate can be delivered in electronic form as a PDF file, and you can purchase one for any of your friends or relatives no matter how far away they live, because all of our lessons are conducted online with Skype.

The price of the gift certificate corresponds to the prices of our lessons.

Why does a Language Life gift certificate make a great gift idea for any occasion?

1. Our school is unique in that we employ only professional teachers, whether they be native speakers or Russian speaking instructors.

2. Our teachers work out an individualized program of study for each student and use authentic up-to-date materials.

3. Teachers at Language Life are native speakers from different countries; they are professional instructors who speak Russian fluently. They also have an interest in Russian culture and history, which helps create a friendly and constructive atmosphere for lessons.

You can order a gift certificate simply by writing to Our staff will be more than happy to answer any further questions you may have.

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