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The online school of foreign languages, Language Life, is a friendly, international collective of professional, experienced teachers. We believe that modern technology plays an important role in the study of foreign languages and in cultural exchange! Our lessons stand out by their high standard, and by our competitive rates.

We offer individual foreign language lessons via Skype with native-speaking teachers from various countries; our teachers are professionals who speak Russian well. In our lessons, we use contemporary, innovative material that makes our lessons memorable and dynamic.

At our school, you will have the opportunity to learn conversational language, prepare for exams, learn business vocabulary, and thoroughly immerse yourself in the culture of the language you are studying. Lessons by Skype allow the teacher to concentrate his or her attention on the individual student. You pick your own lesson times, and you choose your teacher!

It’s well known that individual lessons allow the student to advance quickly in his or her language studies; individual lessons also actively strengthen the student’s level. Skype then makes these lessons straightforward, accessible, and interesting!

How does the school, Language Life, differ from other schools?

  • Professional teachers;
  • Native speakers;
  • All our teachers are fluent in other languages besides their own;
  • Individual study plans;
  • Free 30-minute sample lesson;
  • A wide range of courses;
  • The option to create an individual program;
  • The option to combine various courses;
  • We offer group lessons.
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