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Your first lesson is considered a trial lesson, and it is absolutely free!

This lesson is extremely important, as it is in this lesson that teacher and student get to know one another and look to see whether they work well together. They will also discuss the students’ main goals and learning difficulties. In addition to this, it is during this time that the teacher may determine the level of the student.

The free trial lesson lasts 30 minutes and consists of the following parts:

  • Introductions and short dialogue;
  • Teacher’s questions about the level of the student;
  • Student’s questions about the education and experience of the teacher;
  • Short test to assess the student’s basic language skills, including grammar, reading, speaking, listening, and writing (not for beginners);
  • Selection of study materials (sent to the student electronically);
  • Homework.

A free lesson is guaranteed to every student, independent of the number of lessons he or she would like to receive (1 or 10 lessons). This means that if you sign up for one lesson, you’ll get two: one free and one paid.

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