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German language course via Skype

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German is the most common language in Europe. It is spoken not only in Germany itself, but also in Switzerland, Austria, Luxemburg, and Lichtenstein. As well, German is the native tongue among certain sections of the population of Belgium, Holland, Italy, Denmark, France, and other countries. The Germans are renowned for their work ethic, practicality, punctuality, and striving for order. We can definitely learn something from them, and a good place to start is by studying the language itself.

The online school Language Life offers private and group German lessons with native speakers who are also professional teachers. With us, you can study German regardless of your level. Our programs have been developed to suit a wide range of students; by taking one of our programs, you will have access to some of today’s most sought after trends in language learning.








Alina (Germany)

I had very good results studying with Maria as my teacher. This was the best learning experience of my life. I would recommend this excellent teacher to everyone!

Tamara (Germany)

It is the best combination of time spent and quality of learning. And the main thing is that Maria is a great person and great teacher, who always inspires you, lifts your spirits, and leaves you with a positive feeling for the whole day!

Alyona (Belorussia)

Thank you very much to Maria for her knowledge, patience, and good humour! Choose here as your teacher, and may everything go as well for you as it did for me! It is money well spent.