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Prices for learning languages by Skype


Please note that all our teachers are native speakers of the language they teach, and are all qualified, experienced specialists.

The cost of lessons depends on the course you choose, length and type of lesson (individual or group), and also on the number of lessons you take.

Depending on degree of difficulty, lessons are divided into non-specialized (general, conversational, for tourists, or for children) and specialized (business course, exam preparation course).

Payment for lessons is made through PayPal. Alternative payment methods are also possible, and we can discuss these with you.

1. Non-specialized courses

The non-specialized courses are aimed at helping students master some basic skills of a language, and therefore these courses don’t require specific knowledge or different teaching methods from the tutor.

  • General course
  • Conversational course
  • Foreign Language for Tourists
  • Foreign Language for kids
1 lesson 10 lessons
45 minutes 12 EUR 115 EUR
60 minutes 16 EUR 155 EUR
90 minutes 24 EUR 235 EUR

2. Specialized courses

The specialized courses are aimed at helping students achieve some specific goals during the language learning process, and therefore these courses require from the tutor extra knowledge, thorough preparation and use of different teaching methods.

  • Business Russian
  • Exam Preparation Course
1 lesson 10 lessons
45 minutes 14 EUR 135 EUR
60 minutes 18 EUR 175 EUR
90 minutes 27 EUR 265 EUR

3. Small group lessons

“Language Life” is one of the first online language schools to offer small group lessons (2 or 3 people) via Skype. The advantages of this type of classes is that you will be able to interact with your classmates; you will be able to participate in discussions, share your different views and learn from each other’s strengths and weaknesses.
Our school offers a great discount on group lessons!

Non-specialized courses

1 lesson 10 lessons
45 minutes 9 EUR
per person
85 EUR
per person
60 minutes 12 EUR
per person
115 EUR
per person
90 minutes 18 EUR
per person
175 EUR
per person

Specialized courses

1 lesson 10 lessons
45 minutes 11 EUR
per person
105 EUR
per person
60 minutes 14 EUR
per person
135 EUR
per person
90 minutes 21 EUR
per person
205 EUR
per person