Languages spoken

- Chinese (native)
- English
- Russian
- German
- French
- Czech
- Portuguese


National Taiwan Normal University, department of Applied Chinese Language and Culture, Teaching Chinese as a foreign language in major

Work Experience

Chien-An is a teacher of classical (Mandarin) Chinese from Taiwan with a specialization in education. He has already taught more than 100 online lessons of Chinese.

Chien-An uses numerous aids in addition to the latest technology in his Skype lesson.
In 2016-2017 Chien-An taught Chinese in a language school called Tzekh Razvitia in Rybinsk (Russia) as part of his AIESEC Internship.

Chien-An is sure that despite the fact that Chinese is considered to be one of the most complicated languages in the world, with the help of a professional teacher you will feel, as he does, that studying Chinese is not so very difficult or time-consuming.

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