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Learn Georgian language via Skype

The Georgian language (ქართული ენა; kartuli ena) belongs to the Kartvelian group of languages and is not only the official language of Georgia, but is also the literary language of a number of other Caucasian peoples. The Georgian alphabet is based on the phonetic principle.

The number of speakers of Georgian consists of more than 4 million people in the territory of Georgia itself. Georgian is also spoken in Russia, the USA, and Turkey.

The online language school Language Life offers private and group Georgian language lessons with professional teachers and native speakers. With us you can learn Georgian regardless of your current language level as the majority of our teachers speak Russian fluently. Our programmes are designed to meet the demands of wide range of students and the use of recent technologies transforms the learning process into an enjoyable game.


  • Nino is an experienced tutor of the Georgian language with a wide work experience, she began teaching Georgian and English … read more
  • Ramin is an experienced teacher and native speaker of Georgian. In his work he uses the methodology of Jacob Gogebashvili, … read more