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Learn Estonian language via Skype

Estonian is the language of the Estonian people. It is related to the Pre-Baltic Finnic branch of the Finno-Ugric family of languages. It is the official language of Estonia and among the official languages of the European Union. Estonian is divided into two dialects: North and South Estonian. The written form is based on the Latin alphabet. Old Estonian appeared around the twelfth or thirteenth centuries and was based on Pre-Baltic Finnic dialects. The structure of Estonian bears a strong resemblance to German and the Baltic languages.

The online language school Language Life offers private and group Estonian language lessons with professional teachers and native speakers. With us you can learn Estonian regardless of your current language level as the majority of our teachers speak Russian fluently. Our programmes are designed to meet the demands of wide range of students and the use of recent technologies transforms the learning process into an enjoyable game.


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  • Anna is a very experienced Estonian as a foreign language teacher. In total, Anna has 17 years of teaching experience … read more