Languages spoken

- Azerbaijani (native)
- Russian
- English
- German
- Urdu
- Hindi
- Tibetan


- Military University of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation; major in translation/interpretation from English and Urdu

Work Experience

Vagid is a professional translator and a native speaker of Azerbaijani.

Vagid began working as a language instructor in 1994. Besides Azerbaijani, he also gives lessons in English, German, Hindi and Urdu. Vagid works with students of all ages, both individually and in groups, and has authored his own audio course on Azerbaijani language.

In addition, it’s worth mentioning that Vagid is an experienced translator and live interpreter. He began his career as a translator in 1989 and has translated more than 20 books from English and German which went on to be published. Vagid has worked with several different translation agencies, translating texts on various topics from different languages, including Azerbaijani, English, German, Hindi, Tibetan and Urdu.

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