Languages spoken

-Lithuanian (native)


-University of Vilnius (http://www.vu.lt/en/?Itemid=), Faculty of Lithuanian Philology.
-University of Vilnius, Faculty of Social Communicaton.
-Soros Foundation courses on teaching Lithuanian

Work Experience

Raminta is a native speaker and certified teacher of the Lithuanian language. She began teaching Lithuanian in 2007 as part of “Social Action” and “Austejos Friends”.

In 2013, Raminta worked as a Lithuanian teacher with the German Embassy, teaching beginner level students. Following this, she worked at a number of language schools, including “Globalios idėjos”, “Arvydo svietimo ir mokymo centras”, “Idioma”, “Soros international house”, “Cartus”, and “Global RT”. Raminta offered lessons to students of different ages, nationalities, and language levels. Among Raminta’s students were employees of big companies working in Lithuania, such as AIG, PAROC, and others. At Sorosa, Raminta developed a specialised language programme based on helping immigrants to integrate.
Since 2012 Raminta has been offering online Lithuanian lessons to all who are interested. Recently she has begun working with our school as well.
We’d like to invite you to a free trial lesson with Raminta!

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