Languages spoken

  • Spanish


- Master’s degree in intercultural communication, translation and interpretation in government (Russian – Spanish), University of Madrid, Spain (http://www.uah.es/)
- Faculty of Economics, University of Alcalá, Madrid, Spain
- Course to increase the qualifications of foreign teachers, Pushkin State Russian Language Institute, Moscow (http://www1.pushkin.edu.ru/)

Work Experience

Elena is an experienced Spanish teacher. She has worked for more than ten years at the Pyatigorsk State Linguistic University (Russia) (http://www.pglu.ru/) based on a contract with the University of Alcalá (Madrid, Spain), and also as a private tutor of Spanish.

Elena has many years of professional experience within Spanish enterprises – as a bilinguist (projects with the EU and pages CIS) and within Spanish administration as an interpreter/translator of the highest order. Currently, Elena provides interpretation, translation, accompaniment during negotiations, preparatory information for business, etc. Thanks to her wealth of experience as a translator/interpreter, Elena has mastered all the subtleties of the Spanish language. She has a command of the practical knowledge of the language not only from the point of view of translation and teaching, but also from the point of view of a modern linguist.

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