Latvian, Russian

Languages spoken

- Russian (mother tongue)
- Latvian (second mother tongue)
- English
- French


The Pushkin State Russian Language Institute, Faculty of Philology, with specialization in Applied Philology and Translation. (http://www1.pushkin.edu.ru/)

Work Experience

Dana is a native Latvian and Russian speaker with an education in pedagogy and extensive work experience with students of varying levels and nationalities.

Dana has a wide experience in working with students of different backgrounds and different levels of the language, working in person and on Skype.
During the lessons Dana uses brand new RFL student books, but also creates different study materials herself.

Working also as a journalist and a corrector, Dana pays a lot of attention to the details of Russian and will definitely answer all your questions about the grammar and vocabulary, but also about the Russian culture.

In her lessons Dana makes use of a modern communicative approach while never forgetting the importance of grammar.

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