Languages spoken

- Hindi (native)
- English
- Italian


- University of Rohilkhand University, Faculty of Economics and Commerce (
- Specialist certificate in the sectors of media and journalism

Work Experience

Amit is an experienced online teacher of Hindi and Sanskrit. He works with international companies such as Cartus Network ( and Language School Teachers (

During his lessons, Amit uses specialized methodologies for the study of Hindi that have been approved by the Indian Ministry of Education.
Besides his teaching experience, Amit has extensive experience with international collaborations, organizing cultural events, and as a translator and interpreter from English and Italian into Hindi. With this experience in mind, Amit is well placed to explain to you all the subtleties of his language.

It is also worth mentioning that Amit is fluent in both English and Italian and has studied in Italy for a long time and subsequently worked for the official representative of Italian radio and television in India (

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