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We all share the same dream – each of us would like to understand whoever we meet on our travels, wherever we may find ourselves. We want to listen to songs and watch films in other languages without needing the translation, and we want to read both classic and contemporary literature in the original. We would like to feel at home in any corner of the globe: riding a bicycle in Hyde Park on a spring morning, chattering away with your French friends in a café in Montmartre, enjoying the taste of sangria in the little narrow streets of Seville, throwing coins in Trevi Fountain in the hope of returning to Rome, buying souvenirs at the Christmas market in Munich, sampling exotic fruits in the market in Sao Paulo, or just sitting on a bench in Krakow reading a book by Mickiewicz remembering the Greek gods in the Acropole or the ideas of Confucius at the Great Wall of China, or perhaps admiring the domes of the Blue Mosque in Istanbul.

Of course all of this is just a dream. But why not strive to make dreams come true?

We chose as the symbol of our school the adorable Langa which came to us from the far off galaxies. Just like us, he wants to find a common language he can use to communicate with those he meets out in the world. He wants to have lots of friends on planet Earth with whom he can share his impressions of his travels.

We – the language school Language Life – are a friendly, international team and, for us, the study of languages is not merely a hobby, it is a way of life.

Today, we, along with Langa, are starting out on a great linguistic tour of planet Earth. Are you ready to come with us?

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