Languages spoken

- Swedish (native)
- Russian
- Spanish
- English
- Italian
- German
- French


- Moscow Institute of Architecture, with a specialization in Architecture (
- Chalmers University of Technology, post-graduate studies in Architecture, (

Work Experience

Simon is an experienced Swedish teacher. He has opened his own Swedish language school, Swedish 2.0, in Gothenburg. Simon publishes videos and materials that he himself has developed on Facebook and Vkontakte. These learning materials are devoted to various aspects of learning the Swedish language. Simon has a broad experience working with nationally diverse students at Chalmers University.

Simon has already worked for a considerable time as a Swedish teacher through Skype, using authentic materials and a communicative teaching methodology.

Simon also has his own effective method for studying and teaching languages, which he employs for educational videos designed for beginners on his You Tube channel “Learnguage” (

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