Итальянский язык - Кьяра



Languages spoken

- Italian (native)
- English
- Russian
- Hindi


- Faculty of foreign languages and literature, University of Parma (
- Certificate for Teaching Italian “Ditals 1”( with specialization in “Instruction of Italian to children”, University of Foreigners of Siena (
- Teaching Italian as a foreign language, University of Foreigners of Perugia (

Work Experience

Chiara began to work as a tutor before attending university and from this time her interest in teaching gradually developed into a passion. Chiara has worked for several years in Moscow at the Italian Cultural Centre ( and at schools such as MosCampus ( and Native Speakers’ Club ( Since this time, she has moved to New Delhi where she currently works at the Italian Cultural Institute in New Delhi ( and enjoys her work promoting the Italian language throughout India.

Chiara has taught students from around the world through Skype for a considerable period of time. Beyond teaching, Chiara has many other interests: she loves translating, writing poetry, and playing the guitar. If you would like to know more, we invite you to take a trial lesson with Chiara!

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