Languages spoken

- Greek (native speaker)
- Russian
- English
- French
- Italian


- Faculty of Philosophy, Department of French language and Literature (, University of Athens (
- Bachelor in French Language and Literature, University of Athens
- Postgraduate studies specialization: “Applied Pedagogy, teaching methods, development of study programs.”

Work Experience

Amalia is a qualified Greek instructor with considerable experience educating elementary school-aged children in private schools, and with foreigners of all ages from different countries.

Amalia also teaches other languages, and began working as a teacher of French and English to children and adolescents ten years ago in Greece.
Amalia is a teacher who is passionate about her work. She believes that her work will expand the opportunities of her students, will give them the chance to identify their linguistic ability and find out many new things about the world.

For these reasons, Amalia is happy to be offering, at this moment, Greek lessons through Skype to all who are interested.

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